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The TRYM platform is predicated on a simple notion: while aiding patients to reach their weight loss goals is great, the true key success indicator for any weight loss program is the continued success of its patient following their completion of the program. After observing the competition, a pattern developed regarding the approach many practitioners follow when treating patients: they conduct one consult, a single lab panel, and then ship their patients a monthly dosage with very little follow up or guidelines to follow. Why? Most are under the impression that these monthly dosages of Semaglutide or Tirzepatide can be sustained for life, a message we interpret as a direct exploitation of the human condition: the desire for an all-in-one solution to our issues that pose zero risk, superseding our understanding that nothing of true lasting value ever comes easy, or without hard work.

The core of TRYMs model is our belief that GLP-1 analogs (along with their more powerful successors) are tools to be used in the short term, rather than cures for the long-term. In either a six or twelve month timeframe, our patients are safely dosed along a bell curve that allows the body to acclimate to the medication, and then are gradually tapered off so to avoid the dreaded weight “snapback”. We pair this bell curve dosing protocol with monthly site visits for progress tracking, and continued diet and exercise consultation with the practitioner, thus ensuring our patients are on track to not only reaching their weight loss goal, but are in a place where they have a much greater chance of sustaining this goal weight in perpetuity. This concept of driving real, true, sustainable change in the lives of every patient by leveraging the modalities we have at our disposal is what differentiates TRYM from all others in the space.

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